UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL: Jendayi E. Frazier’s Bully Pulpit

The US State Department issued a Statement on 11 November 2013, The Statement said:
“…The United States notes with concern the recent political turmoil in Somalia. Actions to put forward a parliamentary motion for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister do not serve the interests of the Somali people. The United States remains neutral in the dispute between the president and prime minister. We are committed to the principles of the New Deal Compact which aims to build a sovereign, secure, democratic, united, and federal Somalia…Because Somalia’s leadership is distracted with political division, the United States currently does not see the utility in sending a delegation to the High Level Partnership Forum on Somalia, which will meet next week in Copenhagen to review progress under the New Deal. We stand with the international community in urging the Federal Government of Somalia to implement fully its Vision 2016 plan and rise above the political differences that divert from the important work of unifying the country under a federal framework…”

The report by Reuters “US warns Somalia as the African nation gears up to sack PM”, said:

“…Washington warned Somalia late on Monday about the dangers of holding the vote, saying it was “deeply concerned with political turmoil”…”

And the same report quoted Jen Psaki, a US State Department spokeswoman as saying the following:

…Actions to put forward a parliamentary motion for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister do not serve the interests of the Somali people…”

Had the United States considered the interests of the Somali people in 2006, it would have respected UN Resolution 1725 and 1744 and not allowed Ethiopia to invade and install puppet regimes that were never chosen by the people. Today, once again, it behooves the United States and Ethiopia to stay out of Somalia and allow the Somali people to resolve their own issues, in their own way. US and Ethiopia must respect the Somali people’s right to self-determination…

To refresh our memories, I am reposting my article from 2006…still relevant today as another Somali crisis threatens to engulf the war torn nation into further conflict.


Sophia Tesfamariam

“…A government which needs foreign support to enforce obedience from its own citizens is one which ought not to exist; and the assistance given to it by foreigners is hardly ever anything but the sympathy of one despotism with another…” – John Stuart Mill

Resolution 1725 on Somalia has all the markings of US strong arm tactics, double standards, domination and manipulation. The resolution authorizes a regional force from the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the African Union (AU) to protect the weak Transitional National Government in Baidoa and provide training for its forces. It also authorizes partial lifting of the Somalia Arms Embargo of 1992. It is the result of a vitriolic and aggressive defamation campaign by the US State Department and Meles Zenawi, the deceptive leader of the genocidal vote rigging minority regime in Ethiopia, against the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC).

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