As an Eritrean American, I have a vested interest in reaching as many people around the world as possible… to come together and work for peace in the Horn of Africa region.

Without peace, security and stability, there can be no development

There can be no peace without social justice, and there can be no social justice without peace

Without social justice, there can be no human dignity

If not about human dignity-what is human rights?

My perspectives on many issues may differ from yours, but that does not mean the conversation can’t start.

From where I sit…

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  1. Fanen Iornem says:

    Dear Stesfa Mariam,
    Its really pleasing getting to read from your website about developments in Eritrea, it has widened and increased my knowledge base of happenings in Eritrea and given me good insight. I must commend you for doing a great job.

    My name is Fanen Iornem, a Nigerian and I am founder and publisher of TwoFeet Africa (2FA)Magazine based in Abuja Nigeria.
    TwofeetAfrica Magazine (2FA) is a print and online publication which is aimed at changing lives positively, using the footprints of others in the pages of history who have selflessly, made impact in their immediate environment and the world at large.
    Our Vision is to stir up enthusiasm, courage optimism and determination to excel, with reference to the success stories of others who have made tremendous impact and changes in their various endeavors. We look to beam the light on those who are making positive impact to their environment in their own little way. We are about developments, we want to tell the African story in the right context.

    I seek information on positive happenings in Eritrea and her people we want to tell the story to the world, we hope to publish articles, write ups and interviews in our Print Edition, online magazine, website and in our yet to be lunched online newsletters. I find your website interesting and highly informative.

    If its okay by you propose we have a collaborative relationship, if I can get leads to stories, articles and relevant information from you about this it will be a welcome development, it will help in building Africa and preserving our culture. We will have you as a media partner.

    Thank you for your time.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Fanen Iornem

    TwoFeet Africa Team

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